The 2000 Worthington Cup Final

The 2000 Worthington Cup Final took place between First Division side Tranmere Roverse and Leicester city at Wembley in London on February 27th, 2000. This was the third appearance of Leicester in the final over the previous fourth years, and with their 2 to 1 victory over Tranmere Rovers, it became the last victory of a team in the League Cup final at the former stadium in Wembley. 74,313 people were in attendance at the match, and the referee of the game was Alan Wilkie. The match began at 3 pm in the afternoon on British Summer Time.

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Scott Taylor was able to successfully perform a tackle on Robbie Savage during the match, which helped push the ball out so a corner was necessary. The first goal for Leicester came through a well timed header by Matt Elliott, which resulted from a cross from Steve Guppy. This goal occurred in the first half at the 29th minute.

Leicester was almost able to score a second goal early in the second half around the 60th minute, as Emile Heskey was able to get the ball to Muzzy Izzet, who was not being marked while he stood in the penalty box. However, Izzet hesitated when he took his shot and the ball flew wide to the right of the goal. The referee of the match, Alan Wilke, was injured during the second half in the 62nd minute. He was unable to use his right leg to his full capacity, and had to be carried off the field. The fourth official, Phil Richards, came onto the field to replace him. Late in the second half, Tranmere scored when David Kelly made an excellent clip in the 77th minute. However, Matt Elliott scored another header in the 81st minute, leading to victory for Leicester.

The lineup for Leicester City was as follows: Tim Flowers, Frank Sinclair, Gerry Taggart, Matt Elliott, who was the captain, Muzzy Izzet, Steve Guppy, Neil Lennon, Robbie Savage, Emile Heskey, Stefan Oakes, and Tony Cottee. The available substitutes were Ian Marshall, Andy Impev, Pontus Kamark, Pegguy Arphexad, and Theodoros Zagorakis. The manager for the team was Martin O'Neill. During the game, Robbie Savage received a yellow card and both Stefan Oakes and Tony Cottee were substituted out for Andy Impey and Ian Marshall in in the 77th and 89th minutes respectively.

The lineup for the Tranmere Rovers was headed by Dave Challinor, who was the captain, Joe Murphy, Reuben Hazell, Gareth Roberts, Clint Hill, Gary Jones, Andy Parkinson, Alan Mahon, Nick Henry, Scott Taylor, and David Kelly. Substitutes for the team included Steve Yates, John Achterberg, Alan Morgan, Andy Thompson, and Michael Black. The manager for the team was John Aldridge. Dave Challinor received a yellow card and Clint Hill received a yellow and then a subsequent red in the 63rd minute, leading to his ejection. The ejection occurred after he fouled Emile Heskey. A number of players from Tranmere protested the ruling, but the referees stood by their decision. Andy Parkinson was substituted out for Steve Yates in the 66th minute.

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